samedi 5 février 2011

This blog provides papers recovered in recent years during the conflict in Ireland, who is now at peace. This is in a logical memory retention that these documents are presented.

They both represent the views of Nationalists and Republicans (Sinn Fein, the IRSP, RSF, IRA, INLA, WP, OIRA, NiCr, etc.).

Please click on 'pages' at the top of this page to see the covers of :

- The United Irishman

- The Starry Plough

- Other Nationalist and Republican papers.

Just fews covers are today avaliable. More issues will be published in the coming weeks.

Copyright Information
The photographs in this blog are the copyright (c) of the photographer (Gilles Le B.). A copy of the pictures may be downloaded for private study or personal use.
Anyone requiring photographs for commercial use, or use at a web site, should contact me for further information.
The original artwork, in for example, covers, artworks, posters, badges and postcards, is copyright of the original artist or designer.

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